Getting back to cyber security basics

Are your staff aware of data security and privacy?

Reminder of the basics and Free courses from us to you

The same basics are relevant and apply, even after all this time - This 45 minute webcast examines some well-known attacks that were triggered by lack of staff awareness and presents practical, easy tips to get your staff knowledgeable about the most common attack types.

The basics we cover within our online ISPA course:

  • Email Security
  • Travel Security
  • Phishing Awareness
  • Physical Security
  • Malware Awareness
  • Social Engineering
  • Mobile Device Security
  • Password Security
  • PCI Awareness
  • Data Privacy & Protection

Free resources for your staff

Check out our FREE 2 minute course preview videos for employees. These videos offer a brief introduction to our ISPA course.

Email security Preview

Don't open that email unless you're sure you know who it's really from! Hackers like to manipulate people into opening emails and downloading malware.

Malware Prevention Preview

Malware is one of the most common ways hackers infiltrate computers and cause chaos within companies. Protect yourself from identity theft or a data breach with this quick 2 minute tips video on Malware prevention.

Mobile security Preview

With mobile attacks on the rise, mobile security is becoming more important. Learn how to protect your mobile devices in 2 minutes with this quick tip video!

Password security Preview

A strong password can make all the difference when it comes to security. Learn how to generate a secure password in this 2 minute quick tips video on creating a strong password.

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Information Security & Privacy Awareness

Designed to raise awareness and help employee's be more proactive. Build a secure culture and find out how our ISPA course will work for you.

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