Software Development

Improve Organisation-Wide Password Security

Posted in Security Management, Strategy on Apr 23, 2018

By neglecting password security, organisations are putting their own data at risk. Using weak passwords is one of the most common information security mistakes your employees can make.

Security Challenges Faced by Cloud Software Developers

Posted in Data Security, Software Development on Apr 12, 2018

Development teams are increasingly setting their sights on cloud-based projects – but in many instances, failing to account for the threats posed by the new paradigm.

Mobile security mistakes developers make

Posted in Software Development on Apr 09, 2018

In order to prevent your mobile applications from jeopardising data, it’s essential that developers recognise the most common security mistakes made during mobile application development.

How to Write Terrible Code

Posted in Software Development on Apr 02, 2018

There's lots of guides on the web that'll help you to write better code, but what about avoiding terrible code? Here's 10 Quick Steps to terrible code.

Reasons why software developer training fails

Posted in Security Management, Data Security Training on Mar 26, 2018

Many organisations embark on a program of software developer training with the best of intentions.

Reduce the biggest risk to information security

Posted in Security Awareness, Security Management, Strategy on Mar 19, 2018

What's do you think the biggest risk to information security is? Outdated firewalls? A lack of antivirus software? Poorly developed software applications? Insecure networks?

Information Security Tips for Large Organisations

Posted in Implementing Security, Security Management on Mar 12, 2018

If you want to maintain organisation wide information security, you'll need to actively consider the following 8 important tips. How many of these does your organisation think about?

Secure Web Browsing at Work

Posted in Implementing Security, Security Awareness on Feb 26, 2018

While you’ll never be 100% secure browsing the web, there are several habits you must develop to be more secure.

Why Security Awareness Training

Posted in Security Management, Data Security Training on Feb 19, 2018

Computer-based awareness training can make for great foundational training for all your staff. Here we run through 4 reasons your organisation needs computer-based security awareness training

A laymans guide to information security terminology

Posted in Security Awareness, Data Security Basics on Feb 19, 2018

The security industry is an industry full of complicated terminology and buzzwords, and this list should help you on your way to understanding the basic terminology used.