Security Awareness

Conducting a Secure Code Review

Posted in Implementing Security, Strategy, Testing on Jul 11, 2018

With new application security risks emerging all the time, it is vital that your dev team starts to make application security as much of a priority as functionality

Choosing secure software for your organisation

Posted in Security Awareness, Data Security Basics, Software on Jul 04, 2018

As well as directly affecting the productivity and efficiency of your entire team, your chosen software will also impact the security of your organisation’s critical data.

How secure code reduces the risk of inevitable attacks

Posted in Implementing Security, Security Awareness, Software Development on Jun 27, 2018

Attacks on your organisation are inevitable. You are at risk whether you're part of a small company.

Secure-by-Design using Risk Patterns

Posted in Implementing Security, Security Management, Software on Jun 20, 2018

Reducing Design flaws which accounts for a large part of Security Defects.

Five Reasons Executives are Blind to Application Security Risks

Posted in Implementing Security, Security Management on Jun 13, 2018

Security Innovation and The Ponemon Institute conduct a regular study, called The State of Application Security. This study investigates the difference in application security beliefs between developers, security professionals and company executives. The results are pretty shocking.

Choosing between open and closed source software

Posted in Implementing Security, Software Development on May 23, 2018

There’s no right or wrong answer. In order to choose a type of software that fits your security policy, and your organisation, you need to understand the pros and cons of each.

Apps All Enterprise Security Teams Need to Know

Posted in Data Security, Implementing Security on May 23, 2018

These 7 applications each tackle distinct aspects of enterprise security, from password management through to antivirus protection.

More Industry Awards

Posted in Security Awareness on May 16, 2018

And the winner is... Security Innovation! We pride ourselves on driving change of cybersecurity through innovative approaches.

Transform Mobile Application Security

Posted in Implementing Security on May 09, 2018

Mobile application security is becoming an increasingly important factor for consumers here are 4 steps to transform your organisation’s mobile application security

Common Application Security Problems

Posted in Data Security, Implementing Security on May 02, 2018

And how to overcome them. Resolving these problems will help your organisation improve developer security knowledge, and reduce the costs of software vulnerabilities