Let the battle commence

Your defence against cyber attack.
Software that offers a reference to quickly understand how to protect your app.

Cyber security software

Software to Model, Measure, Respond, and Monitor application security threats and risk, from initiation through to delivery. Introducing Security Risk Advisor (SRA)...

  • Comprehensive


    Generation of a Threat Model through customisable architectural risk patterns, supported by a secure code library and integrated with testing and work tracking software, to provide ultimate control and visibility.

  • Automated


    Through the use of automated rules, delivers a pragmatic and rapid generation of Security Requirements, supported by Recommended and Required Countermeasures.

  • Reduced Time/Cost

    Reduced Time/Cost

    Creates the Threat Model in minutes without the need for lengthy manual analysis of expensive staff. Its’ accuracy reduces the need for rework and also management time.

  • Risk Management

    Risk Management

    Clearly understood specific Risks can be followed through the SDLC with Inherent, Projected and Residual Risk constantly monitored over time on an application or portfolio view.

Increased confidence in code

The use of industry standards such PCI DSS, OWASP in addition to any bespoke standards you may have for regulatory requirements. Covering components such as Web Application, Web Service, Generic Service, Data store, Web UI, Rich Client, Java Applet, Adobe Flash, Microsoft Silverlight, Mobile Device Client, Generic Client, Amazon Web Services Environment, Cardholder Data Environment as examples.

Easy to use software that can help you at all stages of your project.

  • Dramatically reduce the cost and time of manual threat modelling
  • Defining the right security requirements at design time
  • Providing Developers and Testers with actionable and specific advice
  • Target security training at specific problem areas
  • Understand the Residual Risk of your Application or Portfolio
  • Managing application risk across the entire SDLC
  • Identify the highest risks to the organisation in real time
  • Identify development teams and/or projects that are struggling to implement security correctly
  • Integration with developer and test tools
  • Identify the value and ROI
  • Assist communication between the security and development departments
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Let the battle commence

Your daily defence against cyber attack. Software that offers a reference to quickly develop your Threat Model and understand what needs to be done to protect your app.

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