Secure Developers

Specialist skills have a big impact on improving quality & reducing delivery times.

Security at the heart of development

With the pressure to get software applications ready for market in the shortest time possible, many shortcuts will be taken to meet delivery deadlines. But there is no shortcut to security.

  • Automated Threat Modeling

    Risk Models can be developed in minutes, against industry and your own standards, to produce requirements and countermeasures.

  • Cyber Range skills

    Providing the skills and understanding of hackers to help you protect your application and reduce risk.

  • Computer Based Training

    Improve your knowledge and skills specific to your role, platform or technology through comprehensive online training.

  • Integrates

    Fits into your existing development tools, like Jira and Checkmarx, so you don’t have to move around development environments.

Your work is only as strong as the weakest link. Security is not an afterthought at the end of a project. It needs to be considered and built in from the beginning. It is the consistent application of a range of solutions applied as part of a whole system. Why not improve your security skillset and gain a career advantage?

Development Security Solutions

SRA – Security Risk Advisor reduces the time and cost to produce a detailed Threat Model and manages application risk throughout the SDLC. More info...

CMD+CTRL Cyber Range – identifies bespoke additonal skills needed to deliver secure applications. More info...

AppSec Training – provides software development teams with computer-based training that encompasses the latest industry best practices. More info...

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