Meeting security standards through training

Find out what courses your staff need for which standards

Our AppSec courses deliver the next generation of application security training. Unique in the industry, our application security training program combines progressive role and technology-based training with hands-on simulations and reinforcement assets for the most effective way to build offensive and defensive skills.

Covering all major development platforms and technologies, it also ensures each role can do their job securely and meet security standards requirements.

To help you meet industry standards, we have produced seven documents describing the courses contained within our TEAM Professor application security training and how they map against industry standards.

  • PCI DSS – 62 courses covering 39 requirements
  • OWASP – 62 courses covering each OWASP Top Ten
  • CWE – 47 courses covering 35 weaknesses
  • ISO – 61 courses covering 67 controls
  • NERC – 60 courses covering 29 controls
  • HIPAA – 22 courses covering 164.312, 164.308
  • GDPR – 41 courses covering 6 Articles
  • Other standards include: CISSP, CSSLP, Microsoft SDL, NICE, HIPPA,
  • For further details of our AppSec courses, visit our course catalogue and web pages

  • Course catalogue (PDF)
  • AppSec Training web page