Managed Application Security Testing

From initial planning to final delivery, in-house or outsourced. Ensure App Security Test Costs match your Risk Profile.

Managed Application Security Testing (MAST)

Many non-critical applications need nothing more than an automated scan to meet security or compliance requirements.

Organisations that have hundreds or thousands of applications to secure, MAST provides a multi-tiered testing solution that calibrates the depth of testing and vulnerability analysis to the level of application criticality.

  • Forecasting


    Predictability of cost, scheduling, and test coverage.

  • Visibility


    Dedicated Project Manager and online portal to facilitate reporting, scheduling, and remediation assistance.

  • Remediation Tool

    Remediation Tools

    Reduce number of vulnerabilities and time-to-fix through a comprehensive knowledgebase of best security coding practices.

  • Encompassing


    Covering web to legacy applications and everything in between.

Testing for All Application Types and Criticality

From Web to legacy applications and everything in between, MAST assessments range from a deep inspection conducted by world-class security engineers, to a combination of manual/automated testing with expert verification of vulnerabilities, to a rapid automated scan with engineering analysis to remove false positives.

The Benefits

  • Predictability of cost, scheduling, and test coverage
  • Facilitates the planning and execution of your medium and long-term application security program initiatives
  • Decreased cost – 20% to 30% reduction in cost over stand-alone testing services
  • Iterative testing ensures problems are caught before they propagate
  • Dedicated Project Manager and online portal to facilitate reporting, scheduling and remediation assistance
  • Easily change application criticality/tier or test frequency (monthly, quarterly or annually)
  • Download reports for compliance purposes or integrate into a defect tracking or GRC system
  • Reduce number of vulnerabilities and time-to-fix
  • Reduce total testing cycle time and achieve higher quality results than alternative, fully automated services
  • Integrates with our market-leading TeamProfessor eLearning platform and TeamMentor secure development knowledgebase
  • Technology, role, and platform specific guidance facilitates remediation of vulnerabilities and provides ongoing developer training on root causes

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With over a decade of experience in application security testing, Security Innovation has successfully worked with customers like Symantec, ING, HP, Microsoft and Sony for their end-to-end testing needs. Our unique, proven methodologies and frameworks have helped organizations of many sizes realize qualitative and quantitative security testing benefits at both at project and enterprise level.

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