Creating Secure-by-Default Applications


Wednesday 25th October 2017 @ 4pm GMT

Duration : 20 minutes | Language: English


Creating Secure-By-Default Applications first requires repeatability, and the consistent identification, and characterising of potential attacks. By using risk patterns, security requirements and countermeasures can be easily determined and managed throughout the development lifecycle, whilst determining Inherent, Projected and Residual Risk for each application.

The webinar is intended to be 20 minutes in duration and will provide practical advice on how to:

  • Quickly identify detailed application threats without the use of expensive resources
  • Automatically generate requirements and countermeasures overlayed by industry or your own standards
  • Support developers with the code and advice to implement countermeasures
  • Manage countermeasures through the development life cycle including test
  • Understand your portfolio's Inherent, Projected, and Residual Risk Profile