Security Experts You Need to follow

As computers become exponentially more involved in our everyday working lives, security is an increasing concern.

87 Security Experts You Need to Be Following on Twitter

As computers become exponentially more involved in our everyday working lives, security is an increasing concern.

It’s therefore essential for security conscious individuals to keep up to date with the latest news and trends. Twitter has emerged as an excellent way of doing this. By following a subsection of the biggest influencers in security, you can stay on top of the industry and any pressing developments -- which is why we've compiled this list. Next to each recommended account, we’ve given a brief bio and explained what it is they Tweet about.

The List

1.@mckeay is a Security Expert and Blogger who is very active on Twitter, his longstanding blog and his podcast. He tends to tweet about cybercrime, with a fair bit of security-based humour thrown in for good measure.

2.@gcluley has been working as a Security Expert since the 90s. A prolific Twitter user, Culey shares lots of industry news and articles of interest.

3. @thegrugq is an independent Information Security Consultant and Anti-Forensics Researcher. The Grugq has worked with Fortune 100 companies, leading information security firms, innovative start-ups and the public sector. The Grugq's tweets are wide ranging: from the funny to the highly technical.

4. @Luis_Corrons has worked as Technical Director for PandaLabs since 1999. He's a WildList reporter and sits on the AMTSO Board of Directors too. He shares a mixture of helpful security advice, his thoughts on the Panda Security blog and more.

5. @mikko has received many accolades, among them being voted one of the 50 most important people on the web by PC world magazine. @mikk is often a keynote speaker and has spoken for TED and Google. His tweets are wide ranging and occasionally technical. He shares lots of articles from the F-secure blog, where he has worked since 1999.

6. @calebbarlow is a security executive at IBM, where he has worked for over two decades. Like @mikk, he is a sought after speaker. Caleb tweets about all things security and IBM. He also hosts his own IT security radio.

7. @headhntr is a researcher at @citizenlab, Senior Security Engineer at Google and also advisor to @freedomofpress. At Google he focuses on protecting high risk users, specialising in security operations, incident response and threat analysis. He shares a mixture of his thoughts and other articles on surveillance, security and activism.

8. @dannyyadron is the Wall Street Journal's cybersecurity reporter. @dannyadron shares lots of the articles he publishes in the WSJ, other publishers' articles on security issues and mixes in a good dose of humour to keep things interesting.

9. @daveshackleford is Founder of Voodoo Security, and a self described security geek. He's a VMware vExpert, and blogs over at He primarily shares his thoughts on info security, and a healthy quantity of sarcasm.

10. @dinodaizovi is best known for demonstrating that malware-delivery attacks against Apple's OS are a reality. Dino retweets security content from numerous sources, with his own thoughts mixed in.

11. @msuiche is the founder of MoonSols and is one of Microsoft's most valued professionals in Enterprise Security. @msuiche tweets about cybersecutiry and shares content from his cohorts on this list.

12. @e_kaspersky: is an industry figure with 23-years experience fighting malware, Chairman and CEO of Kaspersky Lab. @e_kaspersky regularly tweets content from his personal and company blog, mixing in security with information on his travels.

13. @SecurityExpert is a UK based Information Security Expert and Blogger who tweets about trending security issues. Similarly his blog discusses the latest security issues in a manner that security novices could understand.

14. @JohnBristowe is a Principal Developer Advocate at Telerik. He has previous worked with Microsoft as a Senior Developer Evangelist. @JohnBristowe predominantly tweets about the web and mobile, more specifically IOS.

15. @ashk4n is an independent Researcher and Consultant focused on privacy, security, and behavioural economics. He has over 20 years of experience in the industry as a consultant, and is well known for his coverage of the Snowden Files. He tweets about privacy, surveillance and how they are impacted by security.

16. @mdowd is the founder of Azimuth Security, with over 10 years of security experience focused in application security research. @mdowd has worked at both IBM and X-force. Mark tweets security updates and uses his twitter to engage with his cohorts.

17. @i0n1c is an independent Security Consultant that is well known in the security community. He regularly tweets about security and IOS.

18. @tqbf has 10 years of product development and security research experience. @tqbf’s feed is more technical than others on this list with tweets about development and computer langauge

19. @0xabad1dea is a professional Application Security Researcher who is extremely active on Twitter. She tweets about programming and her personal life.

20. @jonoberheide is Co-Founder and CTO at Duo Security. He tweets and retweets about IT infrastructure and vulnerabilities.  

21. @mroesch founded Sourcefire serving as its Chief Technology Officer until the company was acquired by Cisco Systems. @mroesch now serves as Vice President and Chief Architect of Cisco’s Security Business Group. He is also the Author and Lead Developer of the Snort Intrusion Prevention and Detection System which is the most widely deployed IDS/IPS technology worldwide. He tweets mostly about security strategy and Snort.

22. @matthew_d_green is a Cryptographer and Research Professor at Johns Hopkins University. Matthew tweets about cryptography. If you want to hear more of his thoughts, his blog provides more detailed insights.

23. @kernelpool is a Vulnerability Researcher at Azimuth Security. He shares the thoughts of his cohorts and tweets about security and reverse engineering.

24. @djrbliss also works at Azimuth Security, as a Security Researcher with an interest in reverse engineering. He tweets about vulnerabilities in mobile and hacking.

25. @infosecjerk tweets sarcastically about security vulnerabilities and exploits.

26. @dangoodin001 is a Security Editor at Ars Technica who has been chronicling the exploits of white-hat, grey-hat and black-hat hackers since 2005. He engages with the security community and tends to tweet about hacking and information security.

27. @troyhunt is a Software Architect and Microsoft MVP. He regularly tweets about application security and security attacks.

28. @pod2g is considered to be one of the most talented iOS hackers out there, having exploited several bootroms. He tweets about jailbreaking and security breaches.

29. @JarnoLim is Director of Cyber Security at Intel Security. Jarno tweets about security and foreign policy.

30. @nudehaberdasher is currently the Director of Security Intelligence at IOActive, specialising in offensive research methodologies with a focus in reverse engineering and exploitation. He tweets primarily about exploitations.

31. @WTFuzz is Co-Founder and VP of Operations at Exodus Intelligence. @WTFuzz has been acknowledged repeatedly by Microsoft for his assistance in securing their Internet Explorer browser. He uses his account to highlight web vulnerabilities and converse with fellow security experts.

32. @nicolasbrulez has been reverse engineering for over 15 years. Nicolas has authored numerous articles and is a regular speaker. He is currently working for Kaspersky Labs as a Principal Malware Researcher. He tweets about malware and reverse engineering.

33. @jesperjurcenoks is Director of Security Research and Chief Evangelist at Critical Watch. @jesperjurcenoks tweets about detecting and patching vulnerabilities.

34. @cesarcer is CTO at IOActive Labs, specialising in application security. Cesar tweets about hacking and cybercrime.

35. @0xcharlie is a Computer Security Researcher at Twitter. He has worked for the NSA and is known for hacking iOS, as his Twitter says, he is ‘that Apple 0day guy’. Charlie tweets about hacking and IOS.

36. @bascule is part of the Infosec team at Square and is the creator of Celluloid. He tweets and retweets about TrueCrypt and security engineering

37. @agl__ is a senior software engineer at Google. He tweets on SSL and web security

38. @ryanaraine is another person on the list from Kaspersky Labs. He heads up the Global Research and Analysis Team in the United States. Ryan helped set up the security news service Threatpost. He tweets about vulnerabilities and the latest cyber threats.

39. @runasand is a Privacy and Security Researcher. She works as a Staff Technologist and is a Technical Advisor for the Freedom of the Press Foundation and the TrueCrypt Audit project. She tweets freedom of information and the intersection between security and the law.

40. @nicoleperlroth is a Technology Reporter for The New York Times covering cybersecurity and privacy. Nicole tweets about cybercrime and hacking.

41. @KristinPaget currently works with Telsa Motors having previously worked for both Microsoft and Apple. Kirsten tweets about hacking and electric cars.

42. @jeromesegura is a Senior Security Researcher at Malwarebytes. He tweets his own thoughts and retweets those of other security experts.

43. @SecBarbie is very active on Twitter. She is a former CIO/CSO who is now a Partner at Urbane Security. She tweets about app security and mobile development.

44. @securityweekly, @haxorthematrix is Founder and CEO of Security Weekly and Product Evangelist for Tenable Network Security. He tweets about Security Weekly, security news and hacking.

45. @jack_daniel is Co-Founder of Security BSides, a CISSP, MS MVP for Enterprise Security and Technical Product Manager at Tenable Network Security. @jack_daniel tweets his thoughts on information security as well as insightful quotes.

46. @aionescu is a Windows Internal Expert, Security Architect and Kernel Guru. @aionescu worked at Apple on the iOS kernel and boot loader behind the iPhone, iPad and AppleTV. He is also the founder of Winsider Seminars & Solutions Inc., a company that specialises in reverse engineering and security training. Alex tweets about Windows security issues as well as engaging with fellow security experts.

47. @roblemos is a Technology Journalist specialising in network and computer security, cybercrime and cyber conflict. He regularly shares tweets that cover these topics.

48. @boblord has over 20 years of experience focused on electronic security systems at large companies such as Red Hat, AOL, Twitter and Netscape. Bob tweets about system security and data.

49. @dlitchfield is a leading authority on database security. @dlitchfield is the author of several books including Oracle Forensics and the Database Hacker's Handbook. Unsurprisingly he tweets about database security, and shares some of his fantastic photography.

50. @securityshell is a security engineer at Randomstrom. Avram talks about cybersecurity on both his blog and Twitter.

51. @ejhilbert is Managing Director for Kroll Cyber UK, focusing on identity thieves, fraudsters, international hacking groups and threats to critical infrastructure. @ehjhilbert previously spent eight years at the FBI, having led one of the largest cybercrime investigations addressing intrusion, theft of data and extortion. He tweets about information security and cybercrime. You may have heard his recent interview about eBay on 5live.

52. @arj is the author of Security Metrics: Replacing Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt and currently CTO and SVP at SilverSky. @arj has over 20 years of IT and information security experience, and his research has been featured in CIO,CSO, and IEEE Security and Privacy Magazine. He tweets about internet and iOS security.

53. @bradarkin is Adobe’s first CSO having formerly been Senior Director of Product Security. @bradarkin has ensured that security is now an embedded part of its development process. He tweets about Adobes’ security issues.

54. @McGrewSecurity is an Assistant Research Professor for Computer Science at Mississippi State University. @McGrewSecurity is very active on twitter engaging many of his cohorts on his feed, discussing internet security.

55. @DaveMarcus is Chief Architect at McAfee and is in charge of Advanced Research and Threat Intelligence. @DaveMarcus shares lots development and information security content articles with his followers.

56. @schneierblog is an internationally recognised Security Guru and Author of 12 books on security. He primarily tweets about tech and surveillance, and regularly links back to his blog.

57. @aaronportnoy is Co-Founder/Vice President at Exodus Intelligence. @aaronportnoy is an industry expert in reverse engineering, vulnerability discovery, and exploitation. He tweets about security vulnerabilities and exploits.

58. @joshcorman is the CTO for Sonatype, having previously been a Security Researcher and Strategist at Akamai Technologies. He tweets about cybersecurity and DevOps.

59. @StewartRoom is a partner in Field Fisher Waterhouse's Privacy and Information Law Group specialising in data protection and data security matters. Stewart tweets on security, privacy, cybercrime and the law.

60. @s7ephen is Principal Researcher at Xipiter. @s7ephen has more than 10 years of experience in software development, software security, and reverse engineering, all of which he tweets about. He also uses Twitter to converse with fellow security professionals.

61. @PatrickCMiller is an independent Security and Regulatory Advisor for the Critical Infrastructure Sectors as Partner and Managing Principal of the Anfield Group. @PatrickCMiller is also the Founder and Director of Emeritus. He tends to share content focused on hacking and technology.

62. @cyberwar@stiennon is a Security Industry Analyst reporting on cyber defence, @cyberwar is also the author of Surviving Cyberwar. He is very active on both Twitter accounts, tweeting about surveillance, cybersecurity and cyberwar.

63. @marcwrogers has worked in information security management for more than 15 years. He works as Principal Security Researcher for Lookout and is Director of SecOps at DEF CON. He is very active on Twitter, often tweeting about hacking, data security and android.

64. @stephenfewer has been an active member of both the security and open source community since 1999. He is currently an Independent Security Consultant focusing on software vulnerability discovery and exploitation research & analysis. He is less active then others on this list, tweeting primarily about development and reverse engineering.

65. @dakami has formerly worked for Cisco, Avaya, and IOActive, where he was the Director of Penetration Testing and currently works as a Chief Scientist at Whiteops. @dakami is best known for his work on DNS cache poisoning. He is extremely active on Twitter retweeting his cohorts and tweeting about hacking and development.

66. @kevinmitnick is an American Computer Security Consultant, Author and Hacker (one of the first internationally known). He is currently the Founder and Owner of Mitnick Security Consulting. He tweets about his travels, hacking and information security.

67. @benrothke has over 15 years of industry experience in information systems security and privacy. He is currently an Information Security Manager with Wyndham Worldwide Corp, and is the author of "Computer Security - 20 Things Every Employee Should Know". @benrothke tweets about information security, hacking and cybercrime.

68. @BrianHonan is an expert in the field of information security, a regularly published Author and Founder of Ireland’s Computer Security Incident Response Team. He tweets about information and data security as well as vulnerabilities.

69. @rj_gallagher is a Journalist reporting on surveillance, security and civil liberties at The Intercept. He tweets about the intersection between security and civil liberties.

70. @peterwsinger is Senior Fellow and Director of the Center for 21st Century Security and Intelligence at the Brookings Institution. Peter is considered one of the world's leading experts on changes in 21st century warfare. His most recent book is "Cybersecurity and Cyberwar: What Everyone Needs to Know". Peter regularly tweets about cybersecurity, information security and futuristic tech.

71. @mattblaze is a Researcher in Secure Systems, Cryptography, and Trust Management. He is currently an Associate Professor of Computer and Information Science at the University of Pennsylvania. He tweets about cryptography and information security.

72. @Carlos_Perez is the Director of Reverse Engineering in R&D for Tenable Network Security. His main interest is in post exploitation, and he tweets about OSX security and hacking.

73. @drericcole is a Cybersecurity Professional, Instructor and Keynote Speaker with over 20 years of experience. He is a Senior Fellow with SANS and a Security Consultant, tweeting about cybersecurity and cyberdefense.

74. @DaveAtErrata is CTO of Errata Security. He is best known for publishing details of an exploit for Apple's Airport wireless drivers. He tweets about offensive, defensive and information security .

75. @csoghoian is a Researcher and Activist, working at the intersection of technology, law and policy. He is the Principal Technologist with the Speech, Privacy and Technology Project at the American Civil Liberties Union. @csoghoian tweets about privacy, security and cryptography.

76. @HackingDave is CEO of TrustedSec and considered a leader in the security field. @HackingDave was one of the founding members of the “Penetration Testing Execution Standard (PTES)", which is the industry leading standard and guidelines around how penetration tests should be performed. He tweets about hacking and vulnerabilities.

77. @justinelze is a Security Consultant at Accuvant LABS. He tweets primarily about tech and cybercrime (plus his car!).

78. @AngelaOrebaugh is a Technology Futurist and Cybersecurity expert with 18 years of strategic and technical experience within commercial, academic, and government environments. @AngelaOrebaugh tweets about security and technology, highlighting the ways in which they are changing business.

79. @TiffanyRad is a Computer Security Analyst, Professor, and Lawyer interested in cybercrime. She tweets about cybercrime, law and policy.

80. @Shpantzer is an Information Security and Risk Management Advisor. @shpantzer tweets his opinions about big data security and cryptography.

81. @gattaca is a Security Practitioner that has been in computer, network & information security for over a decade. @gattaca is a Security Advocate at Akamai. He sarcastically tweets about software development and network security.

82. @InfosecEditor is the editor of Infosecurity Magazine. She tweets mostly about information cyber threats and web vulnerabilities.  

83. @humanhacker is a Speaker, Teacher, and recognised Security Expert. He has spent the last 16 years in security and technology, specialising in understanding the ways in which malicious attackers are able to exploit human weaknesses to obtain access to information and resources. He tweets about his most recent book and web development.

84. @jjx is a Network Security Engineer and Consultant with Carolina Advanced Digital, Inc. @jjx has over 15 years experience working in the technology industry, focusing on infrastructure security.

85. @taosecurity has been stopping digital intruders since 1998. Richard is currently Chief Security Strategist at FireEye, and he tweets about tech, cybersecurity and information security

86. @jeremiahg is Founder & iCEO of WhiteHat Security. Jeremiah is frequently quoted in publications such as USA Today, PC World, CNET, CSO Magazine, and InformationWeek. He tweets about hacking, AppSec and development.

87. @WeldPond is Co-founder of Veracode. Chris’ interests lie in application security & security transparency. He tweets about application security and cybercrime.

Though we think out list is extensive, it’s by no means complete. If you feel that we’ve missed anyone out -- then let us know in the comments below. If they share great security content, we'll add them to the list!

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