Apps All Enterprise Security Teams Need to Know

These 7 applications each tackle distinct aspects of enterprise security, from password management through to antivirus protection.

With thousands of endpoints and users, and hundreds of applications in use at any time, enterprise organisations require a complex suite of security apps. Thankfully, help is at hand; and these 7 applications each tackle distinct aspects of enterprise security, from password management through to antivirus protection. They offer unparalleled control and oversight to information security teams, and help to empower users and employees with the ability to contribute to organisational security.

1) LastPass

Password security is a real problem for enterprise organisations; and with greater numbers of applications moving away from desktop operation, and towards browser-based software-as-a-service models, the problem is growing. LastPass is a password management and security application that keeps track of passwords in a secure environment. Passwords and logon information can be secured within the application, instead of saved in insecure Word documents or, worse still, written on easily-lost pieces of paper. LastPass is one of the most comprehensive password applications available, with optional add-ons for mobile support (on both Android and iOS) and multi-factor authentication (using a USB-key). This makes it a great choice for rolling-out across an entire organisation, and standardising the way employees manage and secure their sensitive logon information.

2) Wickr

Thanks to the growing BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) trend, chat clients like WhatsApp are growing in popularity within the business space, allowing individuals to share ideas and information quickly and effectively. Unfortunately, these same apps are often vulnerable to security exploits, and risk revealing sensitive information to people outside of an organisation. Thankfully, this security vulnerability can be plugged without stifling the productivity of an organisation. Wickr is an Android and iOS compatible mobile application that encrypts all incoming and outgoing communications. All data that passes through Wickr’s servers is temporarily encrypted, ensuring that no prying eyes (including Wickr themselves) are able to read shared messages. Messages are then permanently erased after an allotted period of time, preventing any future unauthorised access.

3) TextSecure

If you’re more concerned about the security of SMS and MMS messaging than internet messaging, applications like TextSecure will allow employees to add end-to-end encryption to their text messages – as long as both parties are using the application.

4) Astaro Security Gateway

One of Security Gateway’s biggest draws is its attempt to future-proof enterprise security by identifying new application types as soon they’re released. Administrators are able to submit unknown packet types to Astaro’s engineers, which are then analysed and added to the firewall’s growing application database. Astaro’s firewall solution also sets out to optimise application performance, by drawing on these same application signatures to prioritise and apply Quality of Service options to apps in need of greater bandwidth. Network-wide application information is then relayed directly to administrators; allowing IT teams to quickly and efficiently respond to real-time security events.Learn more about Astaro Security Gateway

5) Check Point

Check Point’s firewall solution takes real-time responsiveness even further. Alongside an extensive library of applications (thanks to their AppWiki library), Check Point allows administrators to identify security problems, pinpoint the endpoint and user responsible, and use agent software on the user’s PC to communicate directly with the user to resolve the issue. This makes Check Point a valuable tool in the fight for organisation-wide security awareness, allowing IT teams to respond effectively to security problems and pro-actively prevent future problems from emerging. This same interface also allows for users to communicate problems and feedback to admins, making it ideal for developing a flexible and customisable security policy.

6) Symantec Endpoint Protection

Endpoint Protection is one of the most comprehensive antivirus products available for the enterprise, using four-layer security to offer protection across desktop, server, virtual and mobile. Thanks to the inclusion of application behaviour monitoring, Endpoint Protection offers a level of protection that’s becoming increasingly important for app-reliant enterprises. Symantec have developed this in-depth protection with network performance firmly in mind – creating an antivirus solution that won’t slow your network. As the name suggests, Symantec’s antivirus is designed to be deployed and scaled on a per endpoint basis. This allows enterprise organisations to manage their antivirus software alongside the growth of new users and endpoints, and eliminate any unnecessary overhead. Whilst this may sound like a time-consuming process, there’s no need to micromanage, as Symantec’s use of true-up agreements make it easy to reconcile changing licensing agreements on an annual (and not weekly or daily) basis.

7) McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator

Top-tier enterprise security solutions require more than just in-depth protection. With hundreds of endpoints to monitor, it’s essential that security professionals can manage their network from an intuitive and straightforward interface.ePolicy Orchestrator allows administrators to pick-and-choose the elements of McAfee’s extensive security suite that are most relevant to their organisation, and manage each from a single interface. Drag-and-drop dashboards and real-time reporting make it easier than ever for security teams to monitor their entire network, and respond to emerging problems before they become a serious threat. As well as offering conventional premises-based security management, ePolicy Orchestrator is also available as a cloud-based tool – making it flexible enough for a rapidly-growing enterprise organisation.

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