Should Your Organisation Be Worried About Ransomware

Posted in Ransomeware on Jun 04, 2017

There's a new threat facing your organisation. It uses never before seen tactics to get straight to the heart of your secure systems; compromising your valuable data and attempting to exploit your organisation for thousands of pounds.

How to Reduce Social Media Security Risk

Posted in Security Awareness on Jun 04, 2017

Your organisation needs to think carefully about the risk social media poses to its security, and how to Reduce Social Media Security Risk

What is Application Threat Modeling

Posted in Security Management, Software Development on May 29, 2017

Application threat modeling makes it possible to systematically analyse the security of an application – identifying potential threats, ranking their risk and enacting countermeasures to resolve them. we’ve taken a simple 3-step look at how to do it.

Why Application Developers Need a Knowledgebase

Posted in Security Knowledgebase on May 29, 2017

There's a missing link in your application security: a training knowledgebase. To help improve the efficacy of your security training roll-out, I'm exploring the purpose of a knowledgebase - and looking at six reasons for implementing one in your organisation.

Does It Matter If Software is Built Securely

Posted in Security Awareness on May 22, 2017

Don't bite my head off just yet. Entertain the thought. Does it really matter if software is built securely?

How to Improve Security Reputation

Posted in Implementing Security, Security Management, Software Development on May 15, 2017

Even with top-tier talent manning your security team, there are a handful of wider issues that limit their ability to improve the overall security of the organisation.

Are weak passwords a bigger security problem than you think?

Posted in Security Awareness, Strategy on Apr 24, 2017

It's likely that insecure passwords are some of the largest vulnerabilities that exists in your organisation

Become a More Secure Software Developer

Posted in Software Development on Apr 03, 2017

Want to become a more secure software developer? It can feel like a steep hill to climb, but just learning the basics will take you a long way in improving the security of your developed applications.

Why Organisations Should Run Security Tests

Posted in Implementing Security on Mar 20, 2017

Whilst a handful of critical applications do require in-depth security testing, most applications would benefit from a more frequent, but less resource-intensive, approach to security. Here's why organisations should run security tests more often

Why Shelfware Means Secure Development is Vital

Posted in Software Development on Mar 06, 2017

Shelfware (purchased software that quickly ends up shelved and unused) is a huge problem for large organisations, especially those attempting to rollout security programs.