The Impact of BYOD on Organisation Security

Posted in Security Awareness, Strategy on Nov 07, 2016

Do you login to your business email account on your personal mobile? Do work on a personal laptop? Access company software from your tablet?

What is The Difference Between Hashing and Encrypting

Posted in Implementing Security, Popular Posts on Oct 31, 2016

Hashing and encrypting are two words that are often used interchangeably, but incorrectly so. Do you understand the difference between the two, and the situations in which you should use one over the other? In today's post I investigate the key differences between hashing and encrypting, and when each one is appropriate.

Five Reasons Executives are Blind to Application Security Risks

Posted in Implementing Security, Security Management on Oct 24, 2016

Security Innovation and The Ponemon Institute does a regular study, called The State of Application Security. This study investigates the difference in application security beliefs between developers, security professionals and company executives. The results are pretty shocking.

Information Security Mistakes Employees Make

Posted in Security Awareness on Oct 17, 2016

Not all security breaches happen because of malicious intent. Some of the most common security issues are caused by bad habits ingrained in employees’ day-to-day routines. Thankfully, these potential threats and vulnerabilities are possible to reduce.

Why You Need to Measure Your Application Security Program

Posted in Security Awareness on Oct 10, 2016

If you aren’t measuring your efforts by tracking and analysing your results, you will end up with an incomplete and ineffective program, without the support, funds or focus required to protect your organisation against security breaches.

4-Step's for Application Security Compliance

Posted in Security Management, Strategy on Oct 03, 2016

Application security is becoming an increasingly crucial requirement for achieving compliance, and without good application security processes in place across your organisation, you can easily fall down on compliance as a result. Here we look at a 4-step action plan to achieve application security compliance.

40 Blogs Every Software Developer Should Be Reading

Posted in Software Development, Popular Posts on Sep 26, 2016

Software developers always need to be upskilling, and increasingly are expected to bring more than just great code to an organisation. There's hundreds of blogs software developers can read to learn, but it's difficult knowing where to begin (or even what's worth reading).

How Important is Role Specific Developer Security Training

Posted in Implementing Security, Security Management, Data Security Training on Sep 19, 2016

Most developers specialise in a specific aspect of software and application development; each with their own set of unique benefits and potential security vulnerabilities.

How to Train Secure Web Application Developers

Posted in Security Management, Software Development, Data Security Training on Sep 12, 2016

To ensure that your development team understand the risks associated with web application development, and are armed with the tools to protect your organisation against them, you need to understand how to train secure web developers.

Why Large Organisations Keep Losing Data

Posted in Strategy on Aug 24, 2016

It seems every week we hear about another large organisation that has lost confidential customer data.