How to Secure Agile Software Development

Posted in Strategy on Feb 03, 2015

Whether you’re recovering from a recent attack, or trying to pro-actively improve your security, all organisations can benefit from improved agile development practices.

Choosing between open and closed source software

Posted in Implementing Security, Software Development on Jan 27, 2015

There’s no right or wrong answer. In order to choose a type of software that fits your security policy, and your organisation, you need to understand the pros and cons of each.

Simple Steps to Improved Application Security

Posted in Data Security, Implementing Security on Jan 10, 2015

A straightforward 5-step strategy for identifying and remediating vulnerabilities

Apps All Enterprise Security Teams Need to Know

Posted in Data Security, Implementing Security on Jan 08, 2015

These 7 applications each tackle distinct aspects of enterprise security, from password management through to antivirus protection.

Choosing secure software for your organisation

Posted in Security Awareness, Data Security Basics, Software on Nov 21, 2014

As well as directly affecting the productivity and efficiency of your entire team, your chosen software will also impact the security of your organisation’s critical data.

Are you really writing secure software

Posted in Software Development on Nov 17, 2014

Most experienced software developers have an understanding of common security issues, but no one developer can ever know everything. We share some of common security blunders developers make.

Are application vulnerabilities still a risk

Posted in Implementing Security, Security Awareness on Oct 31, 2014

Vulnerabilities are bugs in a program's code, this means software can be exploited. In this post we explain why minimising application vulnerabilities is more essential than ever.

A laymans guide to information security terminology

Posted in Security Awareness, Data Security Basics on Oct 08, 2014

The security industry is an industry full of complicated terminology and buzzwords, and this list should help you on your way to understanding the basic terminology used.

Protect Your Organisation's Cardholder Data

Posted in Implementing Security on Aug 19, 2014

Leaked data can result in numerous problems, ranging from criminal proceedings to government fines and huge damage to your organisation's reputation. Here we share 11 things organisations should be doing to protect their cardholder data.

Simplifying Your Application Security

Posted in Data Security, Implementing Security on Jul 24, 2014

Your organisation has two main considerations: the applications you develop, and the applications you use.