Improve the Efficacy of PCI Compliance Training

Posted in Data Security, Implementing Security on Sep 02, 2015

Drawing upon the findings of a global survey into the roles of over 3,000 IT professionals, and the state of PCI compliance in their organisations.

How to Ensure Agile Application Security

Posted in Security Management, Strategy on Jul 06, 2015

The agile methodology has transformed the world of software development. However, as with any revolutionary change, new benefits are often tempered by new risks.

Reasons why software developer training fails

Posted in Security Management, Data Security Training on Jun 25, 2015

Many organisations embark on a program of software developer training with the best of intentions.

How to Roll Out Secure Software Development Training

Posted in Implementing Security, Strategy on Jun 23, 2015

In today's incredibly competitive software environment, developers are under immense pressure to create the latest functionality rich applications, on time, and on budget.

Security Challenges Faced by Cloud Software Developers

Posted in Data Security, Software Development on May 26, 2015

Development teams are increasingly setting their sights on cloud-based projects – but in many instances, failing to account for the threats posed by the new paradigm.

Mobile security mistakes developers make

Posted in Software Development on May 05, 2015

In order to prevent your mobile applications from jeopardising data, it’s essential that developers recognise the most common security mistakes made during mobile application development.

How much does developer security training really cost

Posted in Implementing Security, Data Security Training on Apr 23, 2015

As well as the sticker price of security training, it’s essential to factor in the additional opportunity costs associated with training.

Software Developer Security Training Mistakes

Posted in Security Management, Software Development on Mar 30, 2015

To ensure your software developers can improve their security knowledge in an efficient and cost-effective way, it’s important to avoid five training mistakes most organisations make.

Improve Organisation-Wide Password Security

Posted in Security Management, Strategy on Feb 24, 2015

By neglecting password security, organisations are putting their own data at risk. Using weak passwords is one of the most common information security mistakes your employees can make.

Is Shadow IT a Threat to Your Organisation?

Posted in Security Management, Strategy on Feb 16, 2015

Shadow IT already poses a very real threat to information security, and over the next few years, both the risks and likelihood of unauthorised IT practices are set to increase