Creating an Information Security Policy

Posted in Security Management, Strategy on Aug 15, 2017

Creating an information security policy is an essential part of rolling-out a security program. Unfortunately, creating a clear, comprehensive and actionable policy can be a serious struggle, especially for larger organisations.

Why eLearning is the Best Way to Train Secure Software Developers

Posted in Implementing Security, Data Security Training on Jul 31, 2017

In a fast-paced world, traditional security training techniques can quickly become outdated. Seminars, workshops and lengthy training courses are struggling to engage developers.

How to Develop a Secure Culture

Posted in Security Awareness, Security Management on Jul 24, 2017

Security awareness, staff training and policy development all play a crucial role in protecting your organisation from security risks – but in order to see real benefits from your actions, your organisation needs to develop a secure culture.

Secure-by-Design using Risk Patterns

Posted in Implementing Security, Security Management, Software on Jul 17, 2017

Reducing Design flaws which accounts for a large part of Security Defects.

Stay secure when working remotely

Posted in Implementing Security, Security Management, Strategy on Jul 10, 2017

Security is hard enough when we're working from the office, with software, hardware and processes in place to minimise security risks, but it get's even harder as soon as we leave.

Reduce the Risks of Phishing

Posted in Implementing Security, Security Awareness on Jul 03, 2017

Phishing is a big problem for organisations, for two simple reasons: it's easy to do, and it works. It's relatively easy for hackers to send hundreds of thousands of emails, to employees at hundreds of organisations.

How to Mitigate the Human Risk to Security

Posted in Security Awareness, Security Management on Jun 26, 2017

Instead of throwing millions of pounds at costly, hard-to-use software, tackle the root of the problem through security education and training.

How to Survive an Information Security Breach

Posted in Security Awareness, Strategy on Jun 19, 2017

Information security breaches are an unfortunate fact of life. As long as an organisation handles sensitive information, there exists the possibility of a data breach – and even top-tier security systems are fallible.

Avoid 5 common pci compliance mistakes

Posted in Software Development, Strategy on Jun 12, 2017

Adhering to a highly-prescriptive technical standard aimed at securing cardholder data and preventing payment card fraud.

Why do Organisations Keep Losing Data

Posted in Security Management, Software Development on Jun 04, 2017

5 Reasons Large Organisations Keep Losing Data. It seems every week we hear about another large organisation that has lost confidential customer data. But why do these breaches keep happening?