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"As CISO, if you don’t have a clear understanding of the threat actors and attacks paths that relate to your specific business, if you only have partial visibility of business information assets and no clear understanding of the impact of a breach, and if you don’t know where the edge of the business is and paths across it, then I fail to see how CISO’s are able to report the true level of Cyber Risk to the Board and deliver proportional risk treatment plans."

"With a bottom up focus on increasingly complex and costly technical mitigations, I believe the Enterprise Security & Risk functions needs to focus just as much resources on an effective method to gain visibility, model, describe, and understand the functions, structures and interrelationship of business & security components within the enterprise. Security Innovation Europe are uniquely positioned to provide that insight for the CISO." - Alex Port - CISO - Security Innovation Europe

Our Enterprise Solutions provide a pragmatic approach to securing your organisation from internal and external threats and include:

Enterprise Cyber Security Strategy

The pace of digital Innovation and the disruption this introduces as businesses evolve is outpacing the ability for business strategy to adapt to Cyber requirements. This is especially true where;

  • Enterprises are becoming ever more complex in their digital operations.
  • Information and privacy related risks are already unsighted.
  • new dynamic threats are regularly emerging.
  • threat actors are targeting cyber-naive Enterprises.
  • The ability to properly understand and deal with all these elements is critical to an organisation’s success, so as not to negatively impact operations, finances or their reputation (commercially or with regards to protecting data).

    Managing today’s risk means that Enterprises must now transform the role of Cyber within their enterprise risk function and address this cyber risk not as an IT problem but as a Business owned issue.

    By implementing a Cyber Security Strategy, based on a known baseline of cyber control capabilities, with a defined Enterprise Security Architecture (ESA) Blueprint based on the business’ appetite for risk, allows Enterprises to effectively manage a dynamic threat landscape.

    Enterprise Risk Management

    This approach delivers to the CISO an understanding of the true value of the Enterprise’s information assets as well as insight into the business impact of likely cyber events. This can now be clearly articulated to gain board-level support for a business aligned, risk based, proportional response.

    Enterprise Risk Management

    Board level reporting now becomes understandable in terms of current and projected business risks, threat priorities and trends. RoI can now be clearly identified in terms of reduction in risk operating costs. This is supported by enhanced security controls to enable each line of business and IT function to address current and future risks, understand threat priorities and consider Cyber Security by Design embedded as part of the business change function.

    Further information:

    The CISO Agenda

    What do we mean by Enterprise Security Architecture Blueprint?

    Enterprise Security Architecture Framework

    Approach to Enterprise Architecture Security

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    Enterprise Security Architecture Blueprint

    With CISO’s having to report measurable ROI to the board, an essential step in developing an effective and agile Enterprise Cyber Security Strategy is to develop a reference Enterprise Security Architecture Blueprint.

    Our pragmatic approach to developing a Blueprint is to use an agile methodology aligned to frameworks such as TOGAF and SABSA. The blueprint process will deliver a set of representations, Artefacts in EA speak, that describe the function, structure and interrelationship of the security components within the environment.

    These artefacts capture the business context, the What, Why, How, Who, Where & When which defines the business landscape. We identify business and technical information assets, the value to business owners and utilising contextual threat

    Enterprise Risk Management

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    Security Solutions Architecture

    We have broad experience of working across highly complex work-streams, delivery projects and programmes. including enterprise class private, public and hybrid cloud security solutions for business applications, data and infrastructure architecture and platforms.

    Our deep technical foundation allows us to fulfil an effective and active technical stakeholder role in the delivery of a business or technology roadmap. With consideration of governance, functional and non-functional requirements, oversight and assurance to both high and low level design detail.

    We comfortably work with Executive & Senior Technical Stakeholders, Business Analysts, Project and Programme Managers with exposure to formal methodologies such as Prince2.

    This wide and deep experience permits a significant contribution to successful strategic and tactical architecture, program & project delivery and to engage, support and challenge at the most senior management and executive levels


    • Current and Future Stage Analysis
    • Enterprise Security Transformation
    • Enterprise Security Planning
    • Tactical:

    • Security Technical Solution Design
    • Project Delivery
    • Tactical & Strategic Deployments
    • Security Solution Integration

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    Cyber Security Consultancy Services

    With the increasing likelihood of cyberattacks and data breaches, it is important to know your business has the appropriate level of cyber defence in place for your threat profile and risk appetite. As part our wider Strategic and Architectural services we offer a range of capabilities to help measure, manage and control Cyber Risk within your organization, we provide several Cyber Security Consultancy services, to help you select and Implement the right cyber defence for your business.

    We promote a pragmatic, good practice, SABSA aligned architectural methodology. Our expertise allows us to develop and deliver business aligned, risk based, security reference architecture blueprints. As part of an associated strategy & road-maps this wide and deep Security Architecture experience permits a significant contribution to successful program & project delivery.

      Enterprise Risk Modelling:

    • Contextual Business Impact Assessment
    • Enterprise Security Benchmarking
    • Prioritise Threat Modelling
    • Attack Path Analysis
    • Risk Scenario Modelling
    • Dynamic Visualisation & Trend Reporting
    • Cyber Security Health Checks:

    • Determine your ability to identify, protect and defend your critical information against attacks
    • Security Penetration tests your internal and external infrastructure to identify Weaknesses

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    Secure DevOps Services

    Our Secure DevOps Services identify critical issues and exposures, and deliver a prioritised set of recommendations required to align with agreed business risk appetite.

    Delivered as part of a planned improvement program, or single activity, our services are led by our certified Cyber Security Consultants include

      Health Checks:

    • Application Vulnerability assessment
    • Infrastructure and network Penetration testing
    • Web Application Penetration Testing
    • SDLC Maturity Assessment
    • Services:

    • Threat Modelling (TTP's)
    • Static code Analsysis & defect remediation prioritisation
    • SAST / IAST / DAST Integration with DevOps
    • DevOps training
    • Build Hardening Security Review

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    More Information

  • Enterprise Security Architecture Blueprint
  • Enterprise Security Architecture Framework
  • Approach to Enterprise Architecture Security
  • Supporting the CISO Agenda
  • Attack and Defend Cyber Range
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