Enterprise wide Security Management

Supporting CISOs agenda in the complex world of managing Enterprise Risk.

Supporting the CISO agenda

Security Innovation Europe in conjunction with Gumshoe Technologies delivers a single platform to empower CISOs to understand, prioritise, communicate, manage and respond to their Enterprise Security requirements.

Enterprise Risk Management
  • Comprehensive


    Live Enterprise Risk Profiles, with "what if" modelling to create a prioritised roadmap matching your appetite for risk.

  • Confidence


    A comprehensive array of Industry standards, practices and techniques in a single integrated framework.

  • Managed Risk

    Managed Security

    Identified quantitative and qualitative improvements are continuously managed and reported.

  • Reduce Time/Cost

    Reduce Time/Cost

    Easy to use data gathering without the need to use scarce resources.

These are just some of the questions we answer:

    Current Enterprise Security:

  • What assets are important to the enterprise and how do they affect and interact other parts of the enterprise
  • How do we classify and value the impact of risk?
  • What is the biggest risk in the environment?
  • How mature are we against industry standards?
  • Is security considered by design?
  • How secure are our people, processes, technology and practices?
  • How secure is our supply chain and partners?
  • Enterprise Risk Strategy:

  • How do I prioritise to meet the organisation's appetite for risk
  • Are our actvities contextual, risk based, proportional and business aligned
  • What progress has been made today towards meeting our target Enterprise Risk Profile
  • How do we manage skill shortages?
  • Board of Directors:

  • What metrics do I need?
  • What is needed in order to meet our appetite for Risk?
  • Where is security adding value to the business?
  • What is stopping executives achieving their goal?
  • What is the cost of risk reduction compared to the cost of doing nothing?
  • What is the likelihood of a breach?
  • Do we stop or mitigate a breach?
  • Are we in Thrive, Alive or Survive mode?
  • How do we compare to our peers?

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