Our Software Security Services

Software Security Assessments

Software Security Assessments

Our Software Assessment services identify security vulnerabilities and threats at any phase of development. For each, we'll focus on areas where your application is most at risk, report back issues found, and provide remediation advice. Read More »


Application Risk ManagementApplication Risk Management

Organizations depend on software applications (source of ~90% of data breaches), and those applications can be built in-house, outsourced to a partner, or purchased COTS software. Regardless of who builds them, you still need to understand the risks the application poses to your business so you can best secure that software in deployment. Read More »


Security TrainingSecurity Training

Security Innovation Europe offers training in a variety of formats including TeamProfessor eLearning, or instructor-led (on-site and virtual classroom), and TeamMentor, a knowledgebase of secure coding checklists and samples for developers. Read More »


Managed Application Security TestingManaged Application Security Testing (MAST)

Ensures that the level of security testing and costs are commensurate with your enterprise application risk profiles.

Not all applications need a deep security assessment. In fact, many non-critical applications need nothing more than an automated scan to meet security or compliance requirements. For organizations that have hundreds or thousands of applications to secure, MAST provides a multi-tiered testing solution that calibrates the depth of testing and vulnerability analysis to the level of application criticality. Read More »