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Identify value of risk. Use different values in regards to past, present, and future costs of writing off a risk. SRA can be used by all in order to assess the need to fix an issue.

Introducing Security Risk Advisor (SRA)

Security risk software that get's right to the heart of risk. Model, Measure, Respond, and Monitor Application Security Risk

Why is Security Risk Advisor so effective?...

  • Reduce overall costs associated with poor security
  • Understanding the risks during design time
  • Dramatically reduce the cost & time of manual Threat Modeling
  • Defining the right security requirements at design time
  • Providing developers and testers with actionable and specific advice
  • Target security training at specific problem areas
  • Improve portfolio wide security
  • Managing application risk across the entire portfolio
  • Identify the highest risks to the organisation in real time
  • Identify development teams and/or projects that are struggling to implement security correctly
Fits into your secure software development process
secure software development process
Start activities earlier
Start activities earlier

For Architects and Developers:

  • View a list of security requirements to implement based on input of your technical architecture, planned features, and security context of the application
  • View the security risk associated with each control
  • Provide code examples for each control
  • Allow them to reject a proposed control and push back to security team
  • Track counter measure progress
  • Integrate with bug tracker to avoid duplication 

For Testers and Developers:

  • Describe how to test a control
  • Track the test result
  • Automatically import test results from JUnit, JBehave, and others
  • Import SAST and DAST test results from ThreadFix

For the Security Managers:

  • Produce an application risk model in 5 minutes
  • Suggest recommended controls for every risk
  • Manage risk response: Accept, Mitigate, Expose
  • Identify Inherent, Projected, and Residual application Risk
  • Set expiry dates on controls
  • Identify which controls provide highest ROI
  • Get reminders when controls are about to expire
  • Which types of vulnerabilities are most common (directs training)
  • Show overview of risk for entire app portfolio

More Information

Want to learn more about SRA? Check out this YouTube video...

  1. Security Risk Advisor - A high level demonstration

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