Information Security & Privacy Awareness (ISPA)

Our Information Security & Privacy Awareness (ISPA) program leverages a mixture of videos, courses, tip sheets, posters and more to promote security awareness amongst employees.

wheelz.pngThe unique approach of our ISPA solution helps employees to understand the value of key sensitive information, and drive the behavioural change required to protect it.

ISPA is designed for staff in a variety of general roles including legal, marketing, human resources, finance, customer experience/service, operations, sales, purchasing and planning.


Eight Proven eLearning Modules

  • Email Security
  • Travel Security
  • Phishing Awareness 
  • Physical Security
  • Malware Awareness
  • Social Engineering
  • Mobile Device Security
  • Password Security


Security Awareness 365: Thought Provoking Reminders

PhysicalSecurity_Infographic-406462-editedIn addition to our proven eLearning modules, ISPA includes a variety of educational and messaging material which can be used throughout the organisation to reinforce lessons, promote relevance and encourage the adoption of best practices. 

This material includes:

  • Posters
  • Holiday/Calendar Collateral 
  • Articles
  • Tip Sheets
  • Paper Games
  • Infographics

You will be provided with source files for all of this content, with space left where you can easily drop your own organisation's branding in.

Sample Materials:

2-Minute Videos

A series of 2-minute videos can be included as part of ISPA, and provide employees with memorable, practical DO's and DON'Ts when it comes to security awareness, covering the 9 eLearning modules taught in detail as part of the eLearning course referenced above. 

ispaThe videos use a combination of brevity, humour and simple design in order to maximise engagement. They can be used alone, or to supplement a formal training program: whether that's an in-house program, external instructor led, or eLearning based.


Sample Video (Malware Prevention):

Phishing Simulation Service

An additional extra, as part of ISPA we can offer a phishing simulation service, whereby you can simulate phishing attacks against your organisation's employees. When employees become victims of the simulated attacks, they are immediately notified of what's happened, and a workflow can be established which then promotes awareness training to those impacted, improving security.

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