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Security Innovation Europe, in partnership with Security Innovation Inc (USA), specialises in helping organisations solve the most difficult IT Security problem and root cause of most data breaches - insecure applications.


TEAM Academy contains both TEAM Mentor & TEAM Professor


Team Mentor - Knowledgebase of secure coding for DevelopersTeam Professor - Specific Security training for Developers covering all environments, languages and databases


Security Risk Advisor for generating Application Security/Threat models

PRIVACY & SECURITYInformation Security and Privacy Awareness course


We help organisations build internal expertise, uncover critical vulnerabilities, and integrate security into their software development lifecycle (SDLC) and deliver a comprehensive range of professional services in the field of application security. These include: Application Security Risk / Threat model software to improve risk models and time to market,   Application security training & knowledgebase for Developers and Architects to improve application security, and general information security and privacy awareness training for all staff to better protect the organisation as a whole.

Security Innovation Europe Consulting Division

In addition to providing short term consulting services based around assessing the strengths, weaknesses and gaps of the Security SDLC, we offer advisory and delivery capability.

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idcWe chose TeamProfessor because software security has never been more critical, and we wanted top-flight training without compromises. Security Innovation's proven reputation in the field and high-quality content made the decision easy. Since the courses are Web-based, we just email the link around, and our developers learn what they need to learn at their own pace just when it's needed."

- Keith Wood, Security Products Sr. Analyst, IDC


bit9"Almost 1,000 companies globally depend on Bit9’s product to protect their servers, desktops, and laptops from advanced threats and attacks,”. “It’s essential that our software is delivered with the utmost quality assurance, and that security is a major component of our lifecycle. Security Innovation’s expertise in secure software development and reputation made them an obvious choice for our secure design and coding training, which will be used to ensure we continue to provide our customers with the best possible products."

- Adam Libermam, VP of Engineering, Bit 9